Monday, 2 May 2016

Painting of a Soaked Brush in a bottle with water.

This is my very first blog about Painting.
This first painting is about "A soaked paint brush in a glass bottle".


  1.  Paste painting color(white,black,red,blue,yellow,green)
  2.  Paint brush(2,4 no.)
  3.  chat paper(30*20c.m)
  4.  painting palette

  1. cut the chat paper in to a specific size  which you want.
  2. measure the dimension of the original picture(source)
  3. make proper ratios of respective dimensions
  • that means is the size of the source pic is 10 & you want to make it 30 so the ratio is "3:1".So now divide the sorce pic to different divisions and now measure each division of source and multiply with 3 and then just mark that much length. just make an outline of the body smoothly with a pencil(HB4)
6.If it results perfect in shape in first attempt then you are a damn good artist.
7.if you did not get it perfectly then don't worry i will make you sure that you will.
8.If you did not get it perfectly then you erase it smoothly then you put two points then join,repeat          this until u did the shape finish. here it comes the coloring part
10.pick some white color add 3-4 drops of water and mix it
11.put the mix to bigger bottle completely
12.add a very small amount of black colour (2-3% of white colour)
13.mix it until u get the perfect color if not then add per your requirement.
14.put this mix color where it requires. for painting of water first put blue color then paint some white here and there.
16.And now paint the brown background.
17,highlight the boarder of glass and brush
18.put the other colors according to source
20.then frame the painting.

Source picture:
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